The main areas of service specialization are:

    Mechanical works for the oil & Gas industry such as:
•    Pipeline Fabrication and Construction
•    Mechanical fabrication
•    Production manifolds
•    Structural Platform
•    Barge maintenance and Fabrication.

    Provision of platform supply vessels and Anchor handling vessels

    Provision of dredging services.

    Supply of Scaffold and Scaffold Materials.

    Land and Marine Haulage Services

    Electrification projects such as;
•    Electrification project (HT and Lt Lines) in land and swamp areas.
•    Installation of Transformers
•    Sales of Electrical equipment
•    Cables laying / Wiring

    Provision of Service Boats, Tug Boats , speed Boats for Rig Move, Crew boats, Barges and Self Propelled Barges

    Civil Engineering construction such as:
•    Earth works
•    Concrete works
•    Roads Construction
•    Drainages
•    Bridge piers
•    Drilling and soil investigation,

    Construction of Buildings, Roads Culverts, foundations. Blasting and Coating: for both offshore and onshore oil and gas infrastructures /facilities.

    Procurement/Supply Services, Supply of Information and Communication Technology Equipment/Gadgets Engineering materials and allied services

    Petroleum Products marketing and distribution Supply of casings and drill pipes

    Supply of Environmental, safety and security gadgets.

    General equipment Leasing: Cranes, forklifts, heavy duty Trucks.

    Project management services/provision of expatriate manpower and experience local workforce for the oil & gas industry.

    Engineering and Consultancy services in the oil & gas industry and government establishments.

In the company’s’ efforts to provide these services and meet the standards in the oil & gas industry NEXTGENERATION has also teamed up with expatriated technical partners and professionals comprising of men of proven abilities and exceptional skill, serviced with the most up to date training and experience in the practice of their professions.

In line with its performance records, the company has grown form a turnover of 2million naira at commencement stage to an organization which has expanded into Engineering, Procurement and Construction services in the Nigerian oil and gas industry, with a group turnover in excess of 1billion per annum.

Therefore the multi-disciplinary structure on NEXTGENERATION depends and enriches its specialization in many fields of operations and possibly makes the viewing of projects from a wide range of perspectives with broader vision.

The overall objective of this company is to provide the most efficient and effective professional service within the Nigerian, for the Nigerian oil and gas industry while preserving  the ecological capital of its area of operation and adding value to the Local economy and we are set to achieve this aim with full support of our esteemed clients.

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